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Poster presentations on 13th Croatian Biological Congress

The 13th Croatian Biological Congress with international participation, organized by Croatian Biological Society, was held in the town of Poreč (19. – 23. September 2018). This congress is the largest gathering of biology professionals in Croatia that is being organized in continuity for the last 35 years. As part of the Congress, 5 symposiums, a number of lectures, wortkshops and round tables have been held and new knowledge, ideas and visions for the future in the biological sciences have been shared. Our employees had the opportunity to participate in the Congerss with two very interesting poster presentations:

  • Development of Methodology for Spatial Evaluation Using Habitats Suitability for Birds - Drava River Monitoring Study;

  • Assessing the Succession Degree of Grassland Areas in Odransko Polje.

For more information about the Congress, lectures and posters follow the link to the Congress website or check the Book of abstracts. In case you are interested in the content of the poster presentations mentioned above, you can contact us at

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