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Participation on a Chironomidae Identification Workshop

As an employee of Geonatura, Ivana Pušić participated at the 1st European Workshop on Chironomidae Identification Methodology –EWCIM, held from January 30th till February 3rd 2017 in Niš (Republic of Serbia). One of the instructors for this workshop was the highly regarded European experts for invertebrates Ph.D. Ladislav Hamerlík, author and co-author of several identification keys for Chironomids of Europe and Slovakia. During the workshop participants have mastered the basic techniques and methods of identifying one of the most numerous and diverse group of aquatic insects of Diptera order, which gave them the knowledge and experience that, among other things, can be applied as an auxiliary tool in determining water quality and condition of aquatic ecosystems.

If you are interested in more details about the workshop or info about future workshops, visit the following web page:

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