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Geonatura Ltd. provides high quality services in nature protection – inventory, natural area assessment and surveys and nature impact assessment, as well as determination and development of nature protection measures, participation in development of nature protection plans and programmes, management plans for natural resources, natural area management plans, education and other consultancy services in nature protection.


Geonatura Ltd. is authorized for conducting services in nature and environment protection:

  1. Preparation of special studies and reports for the purposes of assessment of the state of environmental components;

  2. Preparation and/or verification of special studies, budgets and projections for the environmental components

  3. Preparation of single chapters and studies of eligibility assessment for strategies, plans, programmes or actions for ecological network;

  4. Preparation and drafting of the Overriding Public Interest procedure with compensatory measures;

  5. Preparation of a Risk Assessment for wild plant introduction and cultivation (Invasiveness Risk Assessment);

  6. Preparation of a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEA) including the documentation needed for the eligibility assessment of SEA, as well as the documentation for the scoping stage (determines the content and extent to be covered in the SEA);

  7. Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), including the documentation for implementation of the EIA Screening procedure, as well as the documentation for the EIA scoping stage;

  8. Environmental protection programme preparation;

  9. Environmental Protection Study for project that do not require an Environmental Impact Assessment procedure;

  10. Monitoring of the state of the environment.


Inventarisation and monitoring

  • Basic Biodiversity research and study

  • Species and habitat distribution mapping

  • Spatial Data Analysis

  • Assessment of conservation value and biodiversity valorisation

Ecological Network Impact Assessment (ENIA for Natura 2000)

  • Ecological Network Impact Assessment:
    -  Appropriate assessment - Screening study
    -  Appropriate assessment - Main study
    -  Assessment of the overriding Public Interest and authorization of the project through compensatory measures

  • Implementation of mitigation measures and monitoring for projects, plans and programmes

Management plans

  • Protected Area Management Plan

  • Natura 2000 Site Management Plan

  • Area of Outstanding Value Management Plan

Consultancy in Nature Protection

  • Analysis of the current state of biodiversity

  • Species biology and ecology analysis

  • Collection and analysis of historical and recent distribution data for species and habitats

  • Spatial analysis and valorisation from the biodiversity point of view

  • Species extinction analysis

  • Qualitative and quantitative species reintroduction risk assessment and monitoring of populations and ecosystems

Environment Impact Assesment (EIA)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Screening
    -  Environmental Protection Study (Biodiversity segment)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
    -  Environmental Impact Assessment Report (Biodiversity segment)

  • Implementation of mitigation measures and monitoring programme

State of Nature programme and reports

  • Analysis of threats, causes and problems for ecosystem conservation, single habitat type and species conservation, as well as their status assessment

  • Nature protection legislation and institutional framework analysis

  • Analysis of the implementation of Republic of Croatia Nature Protection Strategy and Action Plan

  • Analysis of financial data sources and usage for nature protection

  • Expert compilation of an appropriate Nature protection programme for a specific area

Invasive Species Impact Assessment

  • Analysis of invasive species biology and ecology

  • Abundance and distribution analysis of present alien species

  • Analysis of biodiversity, ecosystem stability, self-regulation and regeneration capacity of alien species ecosystem or ecosystems to which the introduction is taking place, as well as the analysis of favourable habitats presence for the expansion of the invasive species

  • Mapping of spatial, geographical and natural features of the alien species distribution or introduction area, as well as mapping of the potential distribution and expansion of invasive species

  • Naturalization probability and invasiveness potential assessment for alien species

  • Assessment of probability and magnitude of negative impacts of Alien species on nature

  • Mitigation measure proposal for alien species negative impacts on nature

Education and Specialisation

  • Nature protection GIS workshops

  • Flora and fauna species identification workshop

  • Species distribution mapping workshop

  • Habitat and vegetation mapping workshop

  • Invasive alien species identification and management workshops

  • Educational workshop design for clients

  • Preparation of educational material

  • Preparation of Educational panels

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