At the beginning of November a celebratory meeting „30 years of Eurosite: New approaches to nature conservation and securing resources“ took place in Monticiano (Italy). The Meeting was organised by WWF OASI and Eurosite, but also supported by the European Union, Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer and North Pennines AONB Partnership.

As a board member of Eurosite, our employee Marina Škunca attended the interesting lectures and...


This week (November 26 and 27) we participated at the 3rd Croatian Symposium on invasive species. Symposium was organized in Zagreb, by the Croatian Ecological Society together with Department of Biology (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb), Croatian Forest Research Institute and Public Institution Maksimir.

Ivana Pušić contributed with „Alien and invasive benthic macroinvertebrates in Croatian freshwater“, and Marina Šku...


Maja Maslać Mikulec participated in a raptor count (11th Batumi Raptor Count), during raptors’ migration through one of the most important bird migration bottlenecks in the world. This count is placed in Batumi, a town on the shores of the Black Sea, in Georgia. During the autumn migration, over one million raptors of various species migrate to south through this area and it is possible to see the spectacle of more than 50 000...


At the end of September (Sep 24 – 27) a joint meeting „Europe’s biodiversity beyond 2020 – Tackling the challenges to achieve targets“ took place in Budapest (Hungary). The Meeting was organised by CEEweb and Eurosite, but also supported by EKLIPSE platform.

As an Eurosite’s Associate Member, our employee Marina Škunca attended the interesting lectures and thematic workshops covering actual topics – from Nature-based Solutions...


Our ornithologist Sandra Hodić participated from 3rd to 9th September in the monitoring program of bird migration in the Strait of Gibraltar within the Migres program at the International Center for Bird Migration in Tarifa. The Strait of Gibraltar is one of the 5 areas in the world with the highest concentration of birds during migration, when 400,000 to 500,000 birds move between the breeding grounds in Western Europe and th...


During September, our employee participated at yet another event, but this time in Novi Sad (Serbia). From 10. – 14. September the 7th Balkan Botanical Congress was held, organized by the Department of Biology and Ecology (Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad) and Botanical Society “Andreas Wolny”. It is an international meeting for all interested in the flora and vegetation of the whole Balkan peninsula and it brings t...


At the beginning of September (Sep 9 - 16) Danube: Future Interdisciplinary School (DIS 2018) took place at the Bulgarian University of Ruse ‘Angel Kanchev’. This year's topic was „Project Management and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development of the Regions in the Danube River Basin“.

Our employee Marina Škunca attended the summer school, where she learned a lot about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, regional devel...


Our employee Marina Škunca attended the workshop „Exploring Landscape Boundaries and Natura 2000“, where she held the plenary lecture titled „The boundaries of governance: how Natura 2000 is integrated with policies like WFD and CAP in Croatia“.

Workshop was held on 6th and 7th of September in the city of Mende (France), during the 28th session of the PECSRL biennial international conference „European Landscapes for Quality of...


Our employee Marina Škunca attended the third EcoWET training as a national expert (consultant) on ecosystem services assessment. During the training she held two lectures:

  • “Full Assessment (TESSA toolkit)”;

  • “Selected Indicators and Assessment Methods for the Ecosystem Services: Biodiversity”.

Training was held on 3rd of September in the Eco centre Zlatna Greda, as part of the project „EcoWET – Evaluation of ecosyste...


The 13th Croatian Biological Congress with international participation, organized by Croatian Biological Society, was held in the town of Poreč (19. – 23. September 2018). This congress is the largest gathering of biology professionals in Croatia that is being organized in continuity for the last 35 years. As part of the Congress, 5 symposiums, a number of lectures, wortkshops and round tables have been held and new knowledge,...

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